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February 20, 2014

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Your dental fillings are designed to stop your existing tooth decay, take up the space where your cavity was, and to allow you to go back to normal activity. Fillings can last for a long time, but for various reasons they can become weak or come loose. McGregor Dental at McGregor Point wants you to know that It is a wise idea to stay aware of any signs that could indicate that wear and tear of your fillings has led to them potentially loosening and becoming susceptible to falling out. Often, however, you will not be able to tell if your fillings are becoming weak or loose and that is just one more reason why a complete dental exam twice per year with our Villas Florida dentist, Dr. William J. Shorack, is recommended for all patients.

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Regardless of what type of filling material was used, your teeth are exercised day in and day out, especially your back teeth because they take the brunt of the force exerted in chewing food. As a result, even the most sound and durable filling could start to wear down over time. In some cases, if the filling were to become loose, bacteria and food particles could find their way into the tiny space that is created in the gap between the loose filling and the original cavity. It is also possible that additional tooth decay in the same tooth could cause the cavity area to grow larger and that could be the cause of the problem. As noted earlier, you may not always be aware that this is happening, but do we on the lookout for a feeling that there is movement within your tooth, especially when you are eating. If you sense that your filling is loose, you could very well be right. Under such circumstances, do not wait for your regular dental exam. Instead, you should call us to schedule an appointment with our Villas Florida dentist right away.

You could also notice a toothache or tooth sensitivity as you would under normal circumstances when you have a cavity. What is most important to remember is that you should not ignore a weak or loose filling. Whatever the cause may be, the solution is always the same. Our Villas Florida dentist will examine the tooth and determine if a new filling is needed. Sometimes, if tooth decay has advanced too far, a crown may be needed to remedy the situation.

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