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July 22, 2014

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No one wants cavities, and we here at McGregor Dental at McGregor Point want to help you to keep your teeth fully intact. The more you know about the causes and symptoms of cavities along with the best methods to prevent them from occurring, The better your chances of leaving your dental exam with our Cypress Lake dentist, Dr. William J. Shorack, having the best news possible: no cavities.

Cypress Lake Cavities

Tooth decay is the cause of cavities, but what causes tooth decay? Well, plaque and its hardened form, tartar, along with any leftover food particles (especially those derived from sugar) form the basis for the bacteria in your mouth to thrive and begin to methodically eat away at your precious tooth enamel. Eventually, this forms tiny holes in your teeth- or cavities. Over time, if not properly addressed, those tiny holes become larger and either lead to the need for root canal therapy when bacteria find their way into the pulp of your tooth and cause an infection, or you might suffer tooth decay to the point where your tooth can no longer be saved and has to be extracted by our Cypress Lake dentist. The most common symptom of a cavity is pain, followed closely by sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures that touch the tooth. If you notice either of those symptoms, call us to schedule an exam. If a cavity is detected, you will need a filling. This will relieve the pain and sensitivity. It will also keep your tooth protected from any further erosion for the time being.

Prevention starts with you. By eating a healthful diet that limits sugary foods and beverages, you give yourself a huge advantage in stopping tooth decay. Thoroughly brushing and flossing at least in the morning and at night, and ideally after meals, goes a long way toward keeping your teeth intact. The final, and important, piece to the prevention puzzle is a twice yearly checkup with our Cypress Lake dentist. This not only ensures that any cavities will be found before they can get progressively larger, but a professional dental cleaning serves to remove any remaining food particles, plaque, and most importantly, tartar. You can't remove tartar at home, because it is hardened to your teeth. Follow the strategy outlined above and you're likely to have healthy and strong teeth for life.

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