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Pediatric dentist in Fort Myers

December 7, 2014

Fort Myers family dental care

Pediatric dentist in Fort Myers

As a new parent, there is nothing more exciting than bearing witness to the many first experiences your young son or daughter enjoys in these initial years of life. However, not all such moments are so easily remembered and documented. While parents are often the first to book regular dietary check-ups and vaccinations at their local medical clinic, some appointments can fall to the wayside. Believe it or not, your child needs regular dental care far before they begin their first years of school. Fortunately, you can always find the care your growing family needs with your pediatric dentist in Fort Myers at the esteemed offices of the McGregor Dental and McGregor Point.

Parents can begin to care for their child’s growing smiles from the moment they are born. Healthy gum lines are the foundation for a beautiful smile. Moms and dads can work to keep gums strong by wiping down an infant’s gum lines immediately after feeding with a wet wash cloth or a damp piece of gauze. By doing so, parents work to remove excess food before the sugars can turn into plaque build-up inside a child’s mouth. The health and placement of baby teeth directly predicts that of the adult teeth which will one day replace them, making pediatric dental care an essential foundation. The day your son or daughter grows their first tooth, usually around six months of age, it is time to book their first appointment with your trusted pediatric dentist in Fort Myers.

Early childhood dental care is essential for a healthy smile into adulthood. Baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, are smaller on the surface while possessing a larger root canal than adult teeth do. As such, these first teeth are highly at risk for painful cavities which can cause a root canal infection. Baby food, formula, and breast milk all contain levels of sugars which can easily cause tooth decay to spread without professional help. Regular visits to your pediatric dentist in Fort Myers work to gently care for educate growing children, as well as educate adults on methods of preventative care for young children. Your dentist can instruct you on the exact age to stop oral fixation habits before these bad habits work to cause issues with teeth and jaw alignment that would otherwise require orthodontic care later in life.

For the very best in childhood dental exams, be sure to book your family’s appointments with your neighborhood pediatric dentist in Fort Myers. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over twenty years with the latest advances in dental technology and procedure to care for patients of all ages. With regular visits to McGregor Dental at McGregor Point, you can insure a lifetime of beautiful smiles for the whole family.

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