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March 30, 2017

Importance of biannual dental visits in Lake Cypress

Dentist near Lake Cypress

Is it really important to see our dentist near Lake Cypress twice per year? It certainly is. Because even if you ware not experiencing any tooth discomfort or gum irritation currently, one of the most essential reasons for a biannual dental visit is for a complete exam so that problems you're not even aware of can be detected and solved before they have the chance to cause you undue harm. AT McGregor Dental at McGregor Point, we're committed to prevention and early detection as the best strategies to promote optimal oral wellness.

Our dentist near Lake Cypress will check your teeth, jaws, and gums thoroughly. If any loose teeth, fillings, or other restorations are noticed, it's vital to address them immediately. And, of course, with the inclusion of periodic x-rays, any cavities will be diagnosed while they are still too small to cause you any major difficulties. It is very possible to have a cavity growing without any obvious signs to alert you. And a large cavity puts you at increased risk of losing the tooth completely or at the very least needing root canal therapy. As for gum disease, its early stage, gingivitis, is marked by mild symptoms such as redness and irritation, or even no symptoms whatsoever. A teeth cleaning, which you'll get when you come to the office of our dentist near Lake Cypress every six months, halts and reverses the effects of gingivitis. However, if gum disease reaches the advanced stage of periodontitis, a more invasive deep cleaning is needed to treat it. And if all that isn't reason enough to convince you that you should visit us twice yearly, keep in mind that we also do regular oral cancer screenings. And any type of cancer is associated with the best outcomes when it is diagnosed in a timely manner.

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