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Cypress Lake Implants

January 28, 2018

Replace missing teeth in Cypress Lake

Cypress Lake implants

If you have missing teeth that you would like to have replaced there are many different dental options available. At our practice, McGregor Dental at McGregor Point, our dentist is able to provide you with many different treatment options to take care of replacing your missing teeth. Our expert and highly trained dentist is Dr. William J. Shorack. Whether you would like to get dentures, bridges or Cypress Lake implants, we will be able to help you with the expert guidance, care, and treatment that you need.

At our dental practice we are known for our outstanding functional and aesthetic results. Dr. Shorack has been providing our Fort Myers community with exemplary dental care for over 20 years. We specialize in preventive, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. Many patients are very interested in getting Cypress Lake implants to replace their missing teeth. Dental implants are so popular today because they look, feel, and function just like permanent teeth. In order to get dental implants, a patient needs to be examined to make sure that they are good candidates for the procedure. It is important that the patient’s jawbone is healthy and strong enough to hold the dental implants. If it is determined that you definitely want dental to replace your missing teeth, we will be able to refer you for an implant consultation and coordinate all efforts between the implant surgeon and the lab.

Once your Cypress Lake implants have fully fused to your jawbone, and your jawbone is fully healed, our dentist will be able to provide you with the top portion of the implant – the porcelain crown. The porcelain crown is now permanently attached to the implant, and completes the entire implant. At this point your new dental implant is fully functional and you are able to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. With your new implant you will not only look great, but you will also be able to eat just about anything you desire. Dental implants are not only helpful in allowing a patient to regain their beautiful smile, but they are also very effective in helping the patient’s facial contours stay intact. This is because the dental implant root portion will keep the jawbone from deteriorating or weakening. Other solutions that we provide for missing teeth are fixed and removable bridges, and dentures. If you would like to meet with our dentist regarding getting dental implants or other teeth replacements, simply contact us for an appointment.

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Fort Myers, Florida 33908
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